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Oct 6 2012, 10:38 PM
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Thomas is Richard Sinclair’s 19 year old son who spent the past 10 years living with his mother, Sarah, and her sister and sister’s husband in Kent after she decided being married to a military man wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. Thomas comes from a very wealthy family and chances are he got handed anything that he wanted except his father’s attention, for he’d been in London serving in the RAF at the time, as well as traveling wherever his profession took him. However, following his mother’s death in the late spring of 1943 due to illness, Thomas spent a brief period with his aunt and uncle before moving in with his father (who promptly retired) in November of ’43, and has been living with him ever since.<p>
The way I see it, Thomas is a pretty giddy, incredibly smart young man of nineteen that wants to be older than he is, and treated accordingly. His mother most likely doted upon him, but his relationship with her is entirely up to you to be quite honest, though I’m pretty sure she told him his father was terrible and didn’t care half as much as he should have quite often. He’s probably pretty wise beyond his years, but...still a bit of a goof and rebellious, but that’s your decision. Boy’s probably got a bit of a brick on his shoulder because of his dad not being around, and the two have practically been strangers since Thomas was around 5 or so, with brief visits until he was 9 when his mother took him away to Kent entirely, though I’m sure Richard sent him plenty of letters to pass the time...they’re sort of strangers that needs to rediscover one another at this point, and that has made meshing households a bit hard at this point.<p>
As for sexuality and member group, that’s sort of up to you, however, up until this point it’s been impossible for Thomas to join any branch of the military (he was too young during the transcription period, and I’m sure his mother didn’t want him going off to war, though whether or not he actually wanted to is up to you), so that leaves you with <b>CITIZEN</b>, <b>CIVIL DEFENCE</b>, or a <b>REBEL</b>. If you’re interested in making him a <b>HOUND</b>, I’m a bit skeptical of it because of his age, but I’d be willing to talk it over with you via AIM (MURKAZ215) if you’d like. <p>
As for <b>FACES</b>, I’ve got Mr. Dylan O’Brien strapped to the side there but it’s totally up to you, anyone who can pass as Gary Oldman’s 19 year old son is good with me. So there he is in a nutshell, and please, PLEASE TAKE HIM. I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER! Feel free to reply here, shoot me a PM, or catch me on the AIM listed above if interested. Thanks!

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Oct 6 2012, 09:10 PM
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Mr. Richard Sinclair is a 54 year old retired officer from the RAF, having joined up at the age of 25 back during the first World War, back when it was still the RFC. Generally a pretty good guy but carrying quite a bit of baggage from his life <s>his wife sort of abandoned him with their son then died last year, leaving him with a kid he barely knows but tries his best to love</s>, and chances are if you’ve been in the RAF anywhere within the past 29 years he’s commanded you, trained you, or at least had a decent conversation with you. He’s pretty protective of his Flyboy’s and pretty much everyone he’s met long enough to care about.<p>
<b>Friends</b> are probably anyone he’s ever had a conversation with...he has a genuine sense of caring about people the instant he gets to know them, and has a pretty good intuition about people and their intentions, even if he can’t always read it right away. It’s taken years of practice and dozens of mistakes, but he tries his best to be an all-around good guy and take anyone under his wing that deserves attention, quickly adapting into a sort of father-figure for some (especially prior to 1943, when he was making up for the loss of not being around his son).<p>
<b>Enemies</b> aren’t really something I can see him having too easily, as he has a pretty laid back attitude about most things and tends to forgive people...but I can imagine there are some people that can’t stand him and that he feels mutual angst about because of the war and things like that. So...basically, Germans, anyone that threatens he or his son’s hospitality, or just anyone he cares about in general. So...I’m just going to say the typical anyone that messes with him is going to be messed with, though...chances are he wont put up a fight, and he <i>hates</i> being lied to, but you’re in the clear so long as he can’t figure you out.<p>

<b>Loves</b> er, well...when Richard was young he was a bit of a Cad, but he got married to his beautiful wife in 1920, until she separated from him in the early 1930’s, her death taking place only recently in 43. However, he hasn’t really been interested in the idea of getting re-married or even showing interest in women as his main concern is this damn war and raising his son Thomas, but...I can see him getting attached to someone far, far down the road, when the time comes. Just not now. So...yeah. PLOT, EVERYONE, PLOT!


Oct 6 2012, 07:56 PM

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Oct 6 2012, 07:53 PM
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Oct 6 2012, 07:52 PM

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