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Jan 28 2013, 07:22 PM
I spent my time doing this[/align]
Oct 4 2012, 08:16 PM

<div class=toptitle> - ANNOUNCEMENT #08 - </div>
<div class=post>

Hello my lovelies! We just hit out 6 month birthday on the 30th! Half a year old! Wow! I can't believe how fast its gone and that so many of you have stayed with us from the very start! We're still going strong and we love so all so much. There are a few announcements to make to keep you guys updated. First of all, the 'secret plot' that we had on the board. It's a shame that it didn't work out quite as planned. Basically the rebels had a 'secret meeting' and were assigned 'secret missions' within the board. Many of these involved other characters. However many of the players involved aren't around any more/have been too busy to play. So we invite all those involved to reveal their secret missions and we will post them up for everybody else to see, too. <br><br>

Secondly, we just wanted to remind everybody to play nice. The site is for everyone and we hope that everyone can be mature and kind enough to ensure they are being inclusive as opposed to exclusive. It's not a lot of you, so thank-you very much for those of you that this does not apply to. <3 However we have not been happy with some of the way situations have unfolded in the cbox. Remember – Take issues to PM. Secondly just be kind to each other. Lets make sure we stay a happy family, okay guys? Remember not to ignore anybody, try to plot with everybody. <br><br>
Whilst on the topic – we have introduced a few new rules to the site. First of all are the rules listed in the face claims so please check those out. We would now like to make it that, in order to use the icc you need to have an <i>active</i> character on the board. This means they are accepted and have a plotter and at least one thread. So no more test runs I'm afraid. We just want to make sure everyone is remaining active on the board. <br><br>
Ah, which brings us up to a heads up for our next activity check. This will be <i>thread</i> based so make sure you're all up to date. I will be putting up that in a few days time. Don't forget we love you. So if you have any issues, you know where to find us.<br><br>
The bosses xx <br>

Sep 9 2012, 01:25 PM
<div class=toptitle> - DEAD - </div>
<div class=post>

This thread has been deemed Inactive. If you'd like to reopen this thread, please Private Message an Admin.</div>
Sep 5 2012, 08:04 PM
iccing. absent
be back in a few hours
Sep 2 2012, 09:12 PM
[dohtml]<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
<div style="font-family: wire one; font-size: 70px; line-height: 29px; letter-spacing: 4px; color: #0c0c0c; text-shadow: #000000 0px 0px 0px; font-style: bold;">ACTIVITY CHECK #3
<center><div style="width: 350px; text-align: justify; font size: 2;">
Hello little Scenarios! Third activity check for our 5 month old baby! Almost half a year! Once again time to clean out those inactive characters and keep things neat and tidy. Whilst you're reading, DON'T FORGET OTM voting and theres still the chance for you to submit sub-forums. Nobody has so far!
Alrighty. We'll be giving you all One Week to reply to this thread with a list of your Names and Active Characters to be kept in our records. So that is from 2nd Sep 2012 -to- 9th Sep 2012 . That should give you all enough time to get yourselves back into the groove of things, yeah? ALSO. We WILL be doing holds. Meaning if you cannot get in to rping right now because of things like school and work, NO PROBLEM! You just have to let us know and we'll give you all the time you need. We know and completely understand how life is! But you need to let us know. Even if it's over PM or IM. Alright?
xxthe bosses

<div style="font-family: wire one; font-size: 50px; line-height: 29px; letter-spacing: 4px; color: #0c0c0c; text-shadow: #000000 0px 0px 0px; font-style: bold;">THE SAFE LIST
  • Nicholi Barrett • aerial • Canary <br>
  • Noel Sutton • civil defence • Canary <br>
  • Gideon Sonnet • navy • Canary <br>
  • Doblin Ketling • citizen • Canary <br>
  • Kai Lancaster • civil defence • Jade <br>
  • Anika Wolfe • government • Jade <br>
  • Samson Moore • citizen • Jade <br>
  • Rex Coupe • medic • Jade <br>
  • Gavriil Alkaev • rebel • Crescy<br>
  • Simon Abrahms • citizen • Crescy<br>
  • Charlotte Jacobson • soldier • Crescy <br>
  • Marjorie Verdoux • government • Crescy <br>
  • Bess Lowry • citizen • Crescy <br>
  • Ryan Irving • navy • Crescy <br>
  • Basil Hyland • navy • Kezzie <br>
  • Pippa Cowden • civil defense • Kezzie <br>
  • Mumbles Foster • Aerial • Kezzie <br>
  • Ethan Cohen • aerial • Cal <br>
  • Diana Simon • rebel • Cal <br>
  • Alan Miles • army • Cal <br>
  • Lillian Winchester • Civilian • Jasmine <br>
  • Rafael Weiss • HOUND • Jasmine <br>
  • Cameron Kingson • medical • Ferris <br>
  • Ai-Lin Meng • citizen • CJ<br>
  • Oscar Chilcott • soldier • CJ <br>
  • Winnifred Crowley • hound • CJ <br>
  • Aurélie Laurent • rebel • Becca <br>
  • Coraline Verdoux • citizen • Becca <br>
  • Emilia Windsor • aerial • Becca <br>
  • Freja Linden • HOUND • Becca <br>
  • Libby Kendall • medical • Becca <br>
  • Luca Kalem • HOUND • ellie <br>
  • Amelia Anson • citizen • ellie <br>
  • Avery Faukes • Medical • Krys <br>
  • Fien Van Der Velde • Citizens • Krys <br>
  • Taran Rhydderch • Soldiers • Krys <br>
  • Beatriz Jensen • rebel • Cole <br>
  • Steven Barlow • soldier • Cole <br>
  • Adalie Montagne • Medical • Kristie <br>
  • Luke Kearney • Citizens • Kristie <br>
  • Neil Hart • Soldiers • Kristie <br>
  • Cadell Rhydderch • HOUNDS • Kristie <br>
  • James Henderson • aerial • vivi <br>
  • Peter Wilhelm • hound • vivi <br>
  • Mayr Eberhardt • civilian • vivi <br>
  • Wally McKinnon • navy • vivi <br>
  • Laurent Crantelle •rebels • Nick <br>
  • Nathanaël Dupont • medic • Nick <br>
  • Susan Webb • Citizen • Joanna <br>
  • Sadie Oswald • Medical • Joanna <br>
  • Bernard Ferrington • Navy • Joanna <br>
  • Gita Król • Government • Joanna <br>
  • Giovanni Picconi • Hound • Joanna <br>
  • Josef Wagner • medic • Fox <br>
  • Christopher Barrett • Hound • Mur <br>
  • Drystan Rhydderch • Navy • Mur <br>
  • Edward Webb • Rebels • Mur <br>
  • Scottie Allan • Civil Defence • Mur <br>
  • Anna Muller • Hounds • Fia<br>
  • Mark Haden • Rebels • Fia<br>
  • Akira Uchiyama • Government • LUCY <br>
  • Jonathan Duvall • Rebel • LUCY <br>
  • Kitty Parker • Aerial • LUCY <br>
  • Nadine Lyle • citizen • winnie <br>
  • Anita Cross • medical • winnie <br>
  • Anthony Foller • soldier • Cyn <br>
  • Charles Wright • citizen • Kimberly <br>
  • Milo Anson • aerial • dex <br>
  • Leo Stark • navy • dex <br>
  • Ives Scheinberg • civilian • dex <br>
  • Frank Wright • army • dex <br>
  • Wesley Bradshaw • Aerial • Maddie <br>
  • Ingrid Maris • Hounds • Maddie <br>
  • Ruby Emerson • Civil Defence • Maddie <br>
  • Lisbeth Dawson • citizens • Wednesday <br>
  • Marisol Verde • rebel • Wednesday <br>
  • Max Gerhardt • Medic • Kenzie<br>
  • Albert Hayes • Soldier • Kenzie <br>
  • Joël Ballard • rebel • tobi <br>
  • Bobby Smith • Rebels • Kia <br>

<br><Br> <p><br><br>
**Let us know any additional information you may wish
for the staff to be aware of. Thank you!

[*] Char First Last • group • ooc name <br>

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