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the f.a.q.
Is there a word count?

There is no word count but this is an Advanced RPG, so we are expecting you all to put some effort into your characters and plots. 500+ is a preferred minimum. But we wont go hunting people down.

How do I add a song/mp3 file to my miniprofile?

You can go about this two ways. Getting songs off of tumblr via this tutorial, or uploading your own songs from your computer to a host that permits .mp3 files, such as fileden.

Do PBs have to be in period clothing? ?

No. This would be both extremely difficult and bias on what PB's you would be able to choose from. As long as you understand and describe their clothing appropriately in your posts, all is well.

Will there be sitewide events and subplots? ?

Yes! Oh man, we are very excited about this little detail. There will be events periodically throughout the site. Both Sitewide events that will bring everyone together to help you build up your characters as well as the site's progression in plot. And Subplots that will be less major, but nonetheless important and interactive.

Over time we will be adding various elements to the site and introducing new things. Keep your eyes out for them and make sure you participate in as much as you can!

What year is it? And where does the site take place?

Nazi occupied London, England 1944.

How historically accurate is this role play?

WCS is an Alternate Universe rpg. Meaning the event timeline does not follow exactly that of the real world. Everything up until Dunkirk is basically very close knit to what really happened, but we've added a plot twist that suggests a German win over Britain and France for much of the late 1930's.

By 1940, with the help of a treaty keeping the Germans at bay from Russia, Germany continues recieving its help and resources from Russia, making the discovery of a weak spot in Britain's armour that much easier. They've found themselves able to push through into the heart of the British government, taking control of all but whats left of those who still stand strong within it.

Not too long after such a brutal invasion, Winston Churchill disappeared from his role as prime minister along with the royals who retreated for safety purposes. Leaving behind only those who had worn their loyalty into their government. Including a man, Luther, who remains in command of Britain in place of all who left.

The site is set in the 40s, can I still play a homosexual character/ female soldier etc?

How do you say... you can take the kid from the fight, but you can't take the fight from the kid? What we mean is, there are sure laws against women in the army and homosexuality ect., but that's never stopped people from going to great lengths to live how they want to. There is a lot in the world that goes on undetected. Risky, yes, but certainly not impossible. So go for it! We encourage that diversity and feeling of danger on WCS. Be creative and break a few rules!

Being that the genera can become really narrow, we are not going to be overly limiting on what sort of characters you join, as we do want to encourage diversity. Women in the government given your app provide sufficient reason for them having that position - we'll be lenient. Some things will be based on how many we currently have in play

What is The Black Market?

Located in Camden, the Blackmarket was crated by the desperate necessity of goods in London. With the German's choke on British transportation including trade from other countries, vital resources were progressivly cut short from the Civilian population.

The Germans had been using this as a method of upholding surrender from the British government. But they remained strong in their own- resources began leaking through gaps in the German's hold. Daring men and even women began developing ways of receiving those goods with the help of those willing to work on the other side to transport those goods under the noses of the German force.

Eventually, as more and more people were able to collect those much needed things, a greed had begun to set over, as often happens. The work of those going through the danger of obtaining these rare goods became more than just the hassle for the 'greater good'. Eventually, a Blackmarket operation was forming along the inner skeleton of London. Even so much as slowly extending out into England itself where more varieties of blackmarket items began appearing.

One incident with an interception of such supplies brought down punishments that shook the whole underground business internally. More laws were nailed out regarding the finding of any blackmarket dealings. Any goods found in homes not linked with the monthly rations Citizens were allowed to have at hand were accountable for punishments from minor to major. Sometimes only dependent on the current mood of the officer dealing at the time.

Despite this, many are still willing to risk themselves to feed their families. Camden is a dodgy region of London, but for those as desperate as some come, completely worth the travel.

What is the treatment of those who are Jewish in London, England?

The Jewish population is still on very strict, high alerts with the Germans in London. Armbands are a mandatory piece of identification. Anyone caught not wearing one without the proper ID registrations is accountable for serious punishment.

Many Jews are treated very poorly, whether they have done wrong or not. Equal punishments will be set aside for those who aide or assist in the breaking of such laws.

Needless to say, things are pretty darn brutal even here in England. 

Are we allowed to play historical characters?

No. WCS only offers Canons from our list and Original characters. You are permitted to mention anyone you need as long as they fall into the plot and story line well. If you are unsure, please ask an Admin first to avoid confusion. A lot of those figures are still there, we're just not allowing them to be rped.

Why is this sites battle strategy of how England got taken over by Germany not more clear?

First of all, we are not a battle site. We take palce after this occured and we understand that background information is important. However, it is not at all the main focus of the site. WCS opened as a site focused mainly on the home front and we have been that way since we opened, we also intend to remain that way. If you are looking for a place to role play out battles, WCS may not be the site for you, simply because it's not a current big possibility. WCS is very open in the fact that we welcome both history buffs and people who simply want to join to write and have fun. However, for a general overview, please see our timeline.

If Germany now occupies England, why does the RAF, Navy and Army etc, still exist?

The RAF, Navy and British armed forces are, at this point still dormant since Germany took over. They're there more because they still consider themselves to be part of the British army and not the German army. Since they are not currently at 'war', as explained in the question above, most of these groups are not on base/fighting. They are instead at home in London/not currently deployed. 

Where else in Britain is occupied, apart from London?

London? Most of the South of England has been taken over, with German forces spreading to the North and Wales, their final target of Britain being Scotland so at this moment in time, that is quite safe. The high priorities regarding residence of the British Government is set in London and so a plan of taking control of the higher parts of the country are not priority. 

Are there still air raids?

At this moment in time, no. We will specify in site events and scenarios when raids happen- but you are welcome to rp them out if you can make reason/fit them in to make sense. The main course of violent 'war' is currently dormant. However, air raid precautious are still being carried out, naturally, for it's never known when or who is going to attack given the recent changes in Britain.

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