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the rules
The first rule of most sites, we expect everyone to respect everyone on the board, old and new.

If you have an issue with someone, contact them respectfully and privately, if you have to, go through a staff member to mediate the issue. Please don't bring the drama out of character and into the community. We're all here to have fun and grow as writers, as well as meet new and talented people who share those goals.

When joining, please make sure your Name is set in Capital letters just like DWIGHT EISENHOWER. Feel free to PM an admin if you make a mistake, its an easy fix.

We do have a mandatory application you must fill out and wait to be accepted by. Please be patient. If an admin denies your app, don't feel discouraged or offended. We just want to make sure things will run smoothly for you on the site! Just fix it and you're good to go!

Please, please fill out the info in your user profile that will ultimately end up in your mini profile (character's age, nationality, rank/occupation, etc). Further discussion on how the .mp3 file works can be found in the FAQ (but that's not mandatory, anyway).

Activity on sites in the make it or break it deal. We don't expect you to have five-billion threads, but we do request that you always have at least one active one. Okay? Help us stay afloat! Mandatory Activity Checks will be held monthly, resulting in an archiving of your character(s) if you do not respond within the given week. An exclusion to this is if you have previously posted in the absence board.

We are a mature site. Cursing, sexual references and scenes, violence/drinking/drug use/sex will all occur. Labeling threads M is considerate. However, although we are a mature site, there are still boundaries between appropriate and intolerable. Overstepped boundaries will be handled with private warnings unless the offence is overly severe. A ban will be issued to anyone who breaks this rule. All this being said, triggering topics such as sexual abuse, which often get handled carelessly and unfairly, are discouraged on WCS, especially in explicit situations, both in role play and history, for the very careless nature many writers approach these topics.

There is no character limit. So long as you have an amount you can keep up with. Please don't neglect them and ultimately hog the play-by for another potential member. Also, it'd be nice if you took WCS's current ratios into account in comparison to your own collection of characters. The more balanced things are, the better. Ocassionally, we'll have bans on what type of characters can be made if there happen to be too many at one given time.

Original Characters. We love original characters. We could eat them up like candy floss. Please be original and know that not everyone is perfect. Bring on those wonderful flaws! Mary and Gary Stu's will never be accepted. Original characters aside, we also have a slew of canons we encourage you to choose from, however, we are not a canon-based site, and we love originals all the same! The canon claim limit is one canon per player.

When choosing a play by, please ensure your face claim can potray the age of your character. So, no twenty year old RDJs, etc. Try and stick to the -/+ 4 years of their play by rule. On the subject of face claims, we're going to have to say no to those Disney stars... It’s nothing against them as people, but really? We're tired of seeing them on every site you visit. Try to keep your face claims to the actor and model categories as much as possible, musicians, too, under discretion.

Because of the nature of this board, the minimum character age is fifteen.

Avatars are required, as our miniprofile works off that image. The dimensions must also be 200x400px. If you aren't graphically inclined, we've got plenty of talented staff and members to help you out in the graphics board. We're also pretty positive someone would help you out with something if you simply gave a shout out in the cbox.

Custom post templates aren't required. However, we greatly encourage them. If you're not coding inclined, WCS has it's own custom templates for your posting and plot-ad/shipper needs. However, these are not mandatory.

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