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german frenchman from england
CO of No. 66 Squadron & REBEL INTEL


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Nicholi McKinley Barrett

POLLY PUT THE KETTLE ON with samson moore in the residential board ( jade )

~Considering this is an M thread you'd best be warned cause Nicson is the birdie's favourite thing. They're in the middle of an air raid and you know Nic is master at doing all the wrong things at inappropriate moments. Needless to say during an air raid is the best time to realise you love someone.

NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE BAND WAS with hound people in the future board ( people )

~Having pissed off more than enough HOUNDS in his own pompous arrogance, on a way to a long persuaded 'date' with samson moore, nicholi is intercepted by a group of HOUNDS he knows all too well. Including his own brother christopher barrett. You've done it this time nic.

HOPE FOR EVERY FALLEN MAN with Pippa Cowden in the Camden board ( kezzie )

~Lucky for you Nicholi is drunk off his ass and flirting with anything that walks by his table. So you'd be smart not to get too invol- oh hello Pippa. Nic thinks you're adorable in his drunken stupor so you're welcome to soak up the cuddles. He's a peacock so let him show off, eh?

FALLING FROM SAFETY with samson moore on the Camden board ( jade )

~Captain Nicholi Barrett- back for a break from his assignment in Hornchurch aerial base becomes, very much by mistake, the only company to a mourning man named Samson J. Moore. Drinking his way through a column for his journalist job and inevitably catching the attention of a certain HOUND spy Barrett. This won't end well.

THE CALENDAR MONTH with samson moore in scenario 03. ( jade )

~Once upon a time an annual dance occurred we can ALL easily guess nicholi barrett was less that happy to find out about. But, being samson moore, a few choice promises and a pitiful frown later and nicholi was dragged along behind in a tailored to fit suit and a pair of snazzy dress shoes. Each knowing and regretfully understanding the dangers of arriving as a 'couple', Nicholi brings samson back to the garden around the back where they just might find seclusion.

DEAR MISTER BARRETT with samson moore on the post office board ( jade )

~Having asked sam to write to him while he was off serving in hornchurch, nicholi receives his first real letter in the post. A collection of letters written in 1943 between two socially discovering letters. Let the innocence and oblivious feelings commence!

THE DIRECTION OF UPRIGHT with susan webb in scenario 02. ( joanna )

~Reluctant but called to duty, Nicholi attends the interrogation of the young Susan Webb back at HOUND headquarters where he finds himself struggling to purge himself of emotion and feeling in order to carry out the task of information grabbing.

AROUND THE WORLD with ethan cohen & james henderson in the past board ( cal & vivi )

~james henderson, our neighbourhood idiot manages to convince a new recruit pilot ethan cohen to go through the No. 66th squadron 'initiation'. Landing his a black eye and a wounded ego. Needless to say caprain nicholi barrett is not happy with his fuckery.

THAT FRAGILE CAPRICORN with christopher barrett on the past board ( mur )

~ 1929 - Christopher barrett ( nearly eighteen ) and nicholi barrett ( just twenty ) sit in their shared room in the HOUND barracks as teenagers and barely adults. After leaving christopher a month ago for an assignment that hadn't ended exactly to orders, Nicholi and christopher go through the bitterness and affections of brotherhood.

SILENTLY BROKEN with samson moore in the chelsea board ( jade )

~After Nicholi was forced, as a HOUND officer, to allow the abduction of his flatmate and partner Samson Moore. Nic spends two weeks in the seclusion of their flat, Soaking in too many painkillers and drinking to the bottom of everry bottle in his own attempt to forget what he's done. As drug withdrawal sets in, Nic forces himself into town where he finds, very much by mistake, his Samson dumped very near death out in an alley in uptown Chelsea.

THE GENERAL STRIKE with james henderson and joan clark in scenario 01. ( vivi & awlie )

~An act of rebellion in the RAF has sounded the alarms on the 66th aerial base in Hornchurch, and everyone is a mess of panic. Even, unfortunately for Nicholi, his own squad and young pilot james henderson. aided by joan clark- another young pilot and WASP- nic manages to keep james from flying off like the idiot we all know he is- but not without a fight. Definitely not.

FLYBOYS GROUNDED with milo anson in the camps & bases board ( dexter )

~After a training flight at hornchurch, for once, ending up to captain barrett's flight standards, a meet up with long time frie- colleague milo anson allows two friends to talk through the ups and downs of life. Realising yet again the differences and similarities between each man's life. And at the same time, also rediscovering the value of support. Oh, and each's inability to stop that damn george brennor from his kleptomaniac ways.

TURNING INTO A MONSTER with hound winnifred crowly in the Piccadilly circus ( cj )

~blah blah hereee

REMEMBER ME? with marianne gaspard on the past board ( lucy )

~Nicholi runs into an old childhood friend back before his days in the orphanage and the HOUNDS. But not too long after was he taken- cutting off contact with the beautiful ginger nurse. It's been ages, and only after a little hand-to-hand training with the flyboys and a one way trip to have his wrist checked out do they meet again. Life is funny that way.

ty lexy
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