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CANARY Posted on Aug 5 2012, 09:37 AM
the plot
Today is like any other. Tonight is like any other night. Dinner is the same as it was yesterday, but with the new restrictions on rations you’ve run out of creativity. Settling down to eat, you fiddle with the wireless radio. You worry every time you turn it on that the news will be worse, that the Germans will have conquered another European country, securing their inevitable victory. You do not really want to hear the news, but you have nothing else to do, and it feels unpatriotic not to suffer through announcement after announcement with the rest of England. The news is censored, now that the new laws have passed. You can hear stories riddled with propaganda. You aren’t dumb—you can tell when the numbers are exaggerated, you can identify the buzzwords.

The man who reads the voice has a German accent. They must have replaced the old English announcer. This does not surprise you. He drones on in the background, and you try to ignore the heavily accented words as you listen.

Suddenly, there is static.

You look back to the wireless and huff. The damn thing lost signal. Playing with the dials, you try to get the sound back. Every station is out. Anticipating a storm, you look out the window, only to see that the sky is clear. Concerned but not bothered enough to continue fixing the thing, you let it pass.

And then there is a voice.

“We know you have suffered,” he says, “for we have suffered too.” Your eyes shoot to the radio. Not the foreign German accent. Not the familiar English accent. “We have received news of the recent laws which have come to pass, and we will stand by no more as the Germans continue their conquest through Europe. We will stand by no more as the Germans continue to terrorize each nation. I announce today that we will come to the aid of our allies to put a stop to the monstrosities. Stay strong! The war will yet be won!”


America has broken down the censorship. America is coming to the aid of England. You expected them to join the war years ago, but up until now they have taken care of their business quietly.

Better late than never, you suppose.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? After the events at Pearl Harbor, America focused its energy in the Pacific Theatre. Now that they have heard of the new laws and the newly established German government in England, they have at last come to the aid. You may now make Americans in every member group who are not volunteering for the British army, but fighting on behalf of the United States. The Americans plan to infiltrate England

They call themselves the Reynard Rebels—Fox Rebels—a play on the rumored HOUNDS that the Germans do not confess to having. You can't help but feel the mirrors- the taunts that sneer at the very existence of the HOUNDS.. Because as of late, there is little Germany can do to hide their 'hidden' weapon. The Rebels are comprised of all nationalities with one common goal: liberating their home countries and seeing an end to the Nazi regime. In the heart of Camden, an empty warehouse sits—made up of various floors and rooms—abandoned when economies crashed and dystopia touched it's filthy hands. It's gritty and cold, but you can see its become home to many Rebels before you. Sanctuary where the HOUNDS take no interest in going. Because there are many like it- the interest of search extends not here. You know they feel safe- you, feel safe.

A man by the name of Dalton whispers quietly through the group you huddle closest to- looking for direction but not attention. An American who's contribution to the efforts against Germany has brought this band of Rebels together. You're curious, but uneasy. Because this isn't just another community meeting- this is danger and mutiny. This is your family and countries' future resting precariously in the hands of strangers both young and old. Veterans and doctors. Citizens and even some you know can't hardly be older than the roundness of their faces. You've seen the product of failure- interrogations where the German Government had been shaken awake with such devastating leaks of information. And you can feel how much it's affected them. Hearts are down in the dust at your feet- that is... until Dalton comes to attention. He's the brightest thing in the room- a star. A fighter. The man you know ( whether you want to believe or not ) you have been waiting for.

You're encouraged to meet people. Get acquainted. Understand this mix of diversity and come to grounds with stories and motivations for each's dreams of revolution. You're family. These are the people you are to place the trust of your life into, because you must depend on them, you know. It's a rough life ahead. You learn some live happily back with their own families, while still managing association with the Rebels. While others, with little elsewhere to go, live in one of many rooms plotted around the Fox's Den.

The Rebels are a slow growing band of men and women whose values in liberation equal that of their neighbours. Ever member has shown reason to be and skills to contribute. Though fights break out and agreements are not always met, you know this is the only chance England has left. And only time will permit...

CANARY Posted on Jul 24 2012, 04:05 PM
the plot
You play idly with your wireless dial until the crackling, hissing comes to a stop and the announcement the country has been waiting for booms through the speakers. There's a voice over the bubble of instruments- an easy, understanding voice with a guttural charge breaking the usual tuneful chimes.A quick, statical pop cuts off the station, and a message relays in its place. You don't know this man, he understands- but his tone is important. Powerful but more worryingly, German. You'd be a fool to turn it off. Listening closely, the following message is announced.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Britain. Please welcome your new Prime Minister Jerich Himmel to power. As of today, your country will be governed by Himmel and his newly elected cabinet. We would like to bring to your attention these new decrees to help us build a better and brighter future for the benefit of your country.

This man- Himmel- his voice is kind... it bends and stops where it should. Flows where anyone else's would be awkward or stiff. And it would be all too easy to say he's a man to trust. But there's danger in those words. He clears his throat after announcing himself...Himmel. It's a name you have never heard, let alone, elected. But all of a sudden, this German man is ruling your country and there is nothing you can do about it. he has a new set of rules that are to be put into power immediately.

I. CURFEW – The citizens of Britain are prohibited to be outdoors after the permitted hours.
Jews/Gypsies/All other ethnic minorities – Curfew applies from 20:00 hours.
Women/Children – Curfew applies from 21:00 hours
Men – 22:00 hours
(Working men who have reason to be out after hours will be issued with a permit.)

II. RATIONS – Rations for Jews/Gypsies/All other ethnic minorities will be halved

III. ENTRY/EXIT – No persons residing within the United Kingdom, including non-citizens, will not be permitted to leave the country without permission from the authorities. Nor will any citizen/non citizen have the right to enter the country without permission from the authorities.

IV. SCHOOLS – All schools within the United Kingdom will be taught strictly by approved German teachers.

V. SEARCHES - The german police have the right to stop and search anybody at any time. This includes home searches which are scheduled to take place for the following people: Press staff, ex military men, voluntary law enforcement, civil defence members, British and French born government affiliates, and any man women or child suspected of activity regarding alliances outside of the German government.

VI. FREEDOM OF SPEECH - Current bans on public discussions regarding Rebel alliances, rebellion or opposition of any sort. Any persons heard opposing these new laws will be imprisoned without warning.

VII. REWARDS - Anybody with information regarding the rebels or rule breakers will be rewarded with a very generous cash reward.

VIII. PENALTIES - If any persons are caught disobeying these new laws, they will be fine and/or imprisoned or even execution. Be warned, the new government will not take lightly to rule breakers.

A bought of static crackles and spits over the line and you turn the station- looking for hoax. But every station after becomes the same synced reminder you- alike many others in homes across the country. Your country is now entirely under the authority of the Germans and they have you tangled up in their own, twisted laws.

CANARY Posted on Jul 24 2012, 04:02 PM
the plot

Time for preparation has come and gone with little under a week since the blind date drawing. For those in the Government who could afford the time and energy away from their work, the dance has become the perfect time to scope out what they have to be keeping up after. Knightsbridge in London, like every event hosted there, is a mess of people scattered about the posh tapestries and pallid marble floors where the dance lays out. Tables are set around with banquettes of food and drinks meant to be served all around. And as one of the largest events of the year, much has been moved aside to cater to it.

The minute you step in, whether you have brought a date of your own or must scope the crowd for the blind date card with the name you were chosen to attend with, the sight the meets you is grand. Crystal fixtures and warm, silk colours adorning every otherwise bare wall of the great main room. A band sits at its centre back wall, starting up its rounds of upbeat, smooth Jazz from the big Band. Around the back, the noise thins out and the soft trickle of a fountain catches you and your partner’s attention. It’s peaceful back here, if you catch it at the right time... a stone patio of sorts leading out into a fair sized garden, just beyond the green vine arches. If you’re seeking a place to retreat, you’ve found it. At the back of your throat is an itch- a nagging that seems to draw you to your own need for, depending on just who you find yourself being, either discovery or obliviousness. Because this isn’t quite the dance you’re acquired to.

Many German government officials are littered about the dance hall. Some much more easily recognized than others. And while some seem easy to hold their tongues, others are loose with the alcohol quickly vanishing from the tables and server trays.

Being that the government of old has been moved out, there are differences here then might have been seen in those before. Even, at one point in the past few years, dances not acknowledged at all since the Second World War was heavy with oppression. Now it is easy to see just how far the government is willing to go to both find and confirm the answers its interrogation victims had given and held quiet. Will this be the London tradition you’ve attended and enjoyed for as long as it’s been around? Or will your suspicions get the better of you and raise you back on alert? It’s a strange world you find yourself walking, but in time, all a matter of just how you cope. This can end as the best night in much a long, long time—Or the nightmare beneath its lace sewn gown.

CANARY Posted on Apr 30 2012, 12:22 PM
the plot
The Government are angry, these new whispers about rebels have aroused their suspicions and become the subject of their interests for months. Quietly, they have been attempting to pick out who these people are with the hope of stomping them out as though they'd never existed to begin. Yet, the rebels had been one step ahead of them and in the form of the RAF had made a stand. Distraction? Bingo. Right under the noses of its superiors, the Rebels have been clawing their way to the surface. Slowly- and rather cunningly- executing small, untraceable missions throughout the UK in order to draw together small alliances in London.

Though made up of mostly lower class men and women, the heart of the Rebels makes them as threatening a force as the HOUNDS and Germans combined. More has been spreading through London about the existence of said HOUNDS. Running parallel with the Rebel whispers. but who believes what any more? Is all of this really something to be injured about? Your paranoia should be high- senses keen. Because anything is possible in your crumbling little world. Its just a matter of how well you can glue back the pieces now.

Angry and are determined to take an iron choke hold on the people of London, the Government of new plans to give them a taste of what happens when the people misbehave with defiance and mistreatment to law. Little will be tolerated in the mannerisms of nonsense when something as bold as fighting back happens, they are going to shake the people of London to the core and make them wish they never dared.

It's January in London and the new year is coming in quietly. You'd be lucky to be in bed by the time that it happens- asleep at home when that car horn beeps from the streets below. But it's different this time, you see... the sound of a choking engine echoes through the night and at your door comes an angry rattle of fist against wood. And whether you are there to greet your visitors or not, they're upon you in a heartbeat. Abduction. BUT! Why? Why you and why so many others? Paranoia is on high and little can be done to keep the active mind from wandering too far. The Germans have done enough thinking, and a time of act seems to have finally reached its verdict.

HOUNDS have seen sent into London in order to round up suspected groups of people. Pulled from their lives and taken off to Government headquarters to be interrogated, their only options seem to be written out in instinct. Do you fight or comply? How much will you give away to these people? Will you sell out your friends for the trade of your life? Will you still be the same person you were taken in as?

CANARY Posted on Apr 30 2012, 12:20 PM
the plot
Life has been quiet around London. And whether anyone will admit to that or not, a thick peace has settled over England- the sort of peace you want to bottle up tight and keep hidden when it seems life has done all in its power to rid your world of it. Its December in London. Cold, damp nights and frosty, frigid mornings. Life seems to move on at a stop watch slow pace.

Are you comfortable? It should come as a shock, dear people, when errands through Camden- or a walk along the Piccadilly Circus- begins once again the violence you and your family have not seen for months.

It starts with a flash- you’re seeing it before you’re hearing it because the buzz of plane engines has become your norm. Like bird song you hardly give it a second listen. But it’s different this time. There’s an abrupt stop, and at length, the city shudders. All eyes on the sky- white hot light as you are forced to watch the battle above the city.

Germany against Britain. What’s happening? Rebellion. A voiceless whisper has been spreading around a group of youngers serving in the RAF- chipper young boys with a fight in their eyes they feel everyone else has lost. By 10:34am, the Squad of ten ( led by no rightful Commanding Officer ) took to the skies from an Aerial camp outside of Birmingham. The plan? An ignorance plot to take out a patrol of German Luftwaffes traveling across London. Task success? The loss of yet ten more British soldiers.

The arrogance of its desperate people leaves London in a state of chaos. As the battle breaks out overhead, Air raid sirens have been cued through every street. Smoke makes every breath thick, and panic scatters confusion among its startled people. You’re in a race for safety while the corpses of planes are showered down in pieces anywhere as large as cars to bits of fatal shrapnel.

There have been rumours of rebellion like tiny voices throughout the city, but the subject seems to be avoided the minute it is brought to attention. The Germans, while busy maintaining what they have, are shaken awake by this sudden act against authority. The attempt has opened their eyes yet again to the dangers of suppressing a nation and it is clear only time will tell when the next move will be made.

Through the fear that binds every person who knows the hardships of war together, sometimes it takes more than just every man for himself. We’re in a time of war, and the sirens are off.

CANARY Posted on Feb 25 2012, 01:25 AM
the plot
Most people are lucky enough to say they can recall at least one period in their lives that remains to this day, to be a peaceful one. Others cling to what bits of sunlight they can feel against their skin if they imagine hard enough.

A nation is bending to its knees- but war had been at Britain’s doorstep long before Dunkirk. In 1940, defeats of both France and a large portion of their own forces, Britain had come to a period of severe atony. Recoiling from attacks in order to rewire their angle of approach. But by then, German forces had already pressed their own button of pursuit and attacks were led across the British Isles.

Mass fear led to broken loyalties amongst both Citizens and Officials alike- a few breaking away from the falling government entirely and fleeing from their roles. Roles, including the disappearance of the Prime minister himself. The first major breach came with widespread rumour that German spies had been plotted all across England; some even speculated a kidnapping was responsible for such a disappearance. Some lose their faith to the thought of a voluntary abandonment. Others believe treason. But whatever the case, only one thing is mutual- the fall has only just begun.

With both the royals and Prime minister gone under unknown circumstances, a constant power struggle seems to be gripping the British government by its lapel. A brutal fight is working its claws silently through the stitches of England, and by this time, anything could happen.

Under Hitler’s command, the Germans have etched up England’s walls; taking control of travel routes, imports, and slowly the government itself. Control is rapidly shifting. New laws have been released as Britain is held at the mercy of the Germans- unable to function with the restraints Germany has managed to grip them with. Some people have begun to speculate production of underground weapons. Especially with the scare of a German operation HOUNDS being whispered through the country.

But with that, breathes hints at a small group of British rebels hiding just under the surface of the city. Just how much of anything you can really believe? It all seems to depend on your faith as a citizen, soldier, German, Brit or whatever you come to classify yourself as. Everything comes down to the worst case scenario.