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There has been quite a bit of information spread across the site on the HOUNDS, but for those of you who still need the better picture, you've found the right thread. The HOUNDS are an underground Operation first discovered in 1904 by German officials looking for better, and more concealed ways to defend their country. It was a dormant, premature Operation with little more than ten operatives at the time. The HOUNDS were a prototype campaign no one but highly regarded officials knew anything of, and at the time, were not even off the ground yet.

Those working to develop it took nearly twenty years to collect and test various methods of training for these specialized soldiers. Each member would eventually be separated in two categories of HOUND work.

Soldiers- trained for more upfront combat. Sent along as bodyguards for German officials, crucial missions involving stealthy approaches, technical jobs involving close range with the enemy, and otherwise precise jobs not trusted to be carried out by anyone else.

Spies- HOUND Spies are most often those sent directly into enemy territory. Trained a step even deeper than Soldiers, Spies have the honours of working an even more determining field of duty. Most are chosen based on personality and social skills as they have to possess the ability to shape themselves into any assigned role. They can be your neighbours, your friends, your employees. Ordinary people to the naked eye- given cover identities to fit into modern life along side the people they are out for information from. The HOUNDS are a primary reason trust is given out so sparingly.

At first HOUNDS were chosen from Soldiers of the German army who had shown adequate skills above the majority. Plotted into separate training facilities where they were given the appropriate preparations for work. But as time progressed and the operation began receiving more attention from the Government, those working within it began striving for better, and more advanced methods of producing the perfect soldiers. With the beginning of WW2, German raids over France and England made for an expanding need for this still developing division. Those in charge began realizing the lack of time being invested into training- deciding in order to produce better, more dependable results, they'd have to raise those results.

By 1940, the haze of attack left open opportunity for German Soldiers forcing their way into cities to nick children from their homes in order to be taken in for training. Being that the Germans already had plans to overthrow these countries, so the lack of German blood was only skimmed as a debatable issue. As children, training grew into them. Giving the Germans that depth they so longed for.

For the citizens, these Rumours of child snatching HOUNDS became the fear caught in the throats of mothers and families across Europe. "Dusk Hounds" there were less affectionately dubbed by the seemingly invisible way they came and went. No one has any real proof of their existence. Only tales and theories all washing in with the thousands of others alike it.

Once you're a HOUND, you're a HOUND for life. Through the brutality of training, and strict code of conduct, every aspect of your life is owned. Lest you find yourself as one of those more trusted in the Organization, your say means little in the matters of freedom. But, to certain means, you'd be lucky to serve under such a title. Respect, however hard to see, if higher within the HOUNDS than any other branch of work.


The Rebels are perhaps more a rumour than the HOUNDS. Since the collapse of the British Government and the spreading of German control across England, word has been ringing of a small ragtag band of Rebels lurking just under the skin of England's streets. But... rumours can be pretty believable, can't they? Whether you put your faith into this tiny spark of hope, or let it wash down with everything else you've heard uttered many times before.

The Rebels are not an infant organization. Though new, relative to their desperately needed help, the ideas they carry are not. Rebellion is a dream they share with every nation currently enduring the oppressions of war. Contrary to popular belief, the Reynard Rebels were created by a group of Americans who'd flown in prior to the regulations against entry and departure from the island.

They've lived together in England for some time now, gathering reinforcements and slowly building their ragtag organization into what it is now. Settled in the heart of Camden, the Rebel base is one of many inconspicuous product warehouses which upon they settle meetings, set up sanctuary, and provide home to any persons who need the cover.


Located in Camden, the Blackmarket was crated by the desperate necessity of goods in London. With the German's choke on British transportation including trade from other countries, vital resources were progressivly cut short from the Civilian population.

The Germans had been using this as a method of upholding surrender from the British government. But they remained strong in their own- resources began leaking through gaps in the German's hold. Daring men and even women began developing ways of receiving those goods with the help of those willing to work on the other side to transport those goods under the noses of the German force.

Eventually, as more and more people were able to collect those much needed things, a greed had begun to set over, as often happens. The work of those going through the danger of obtaining these rare goods became more than just the hassle for the 'greater good'. Eventually, a Blackmarket operation was forming along the inner skeleton of London. Even so much as slowly extending out into England itself where more varieties of blackmarket items began appearing.

One incident with an interception of such supplies brought down punishments that shook the whole underground business internally. More laws were nailed out regarding the finding of any blackmarket dealings. Any goods found in homes not linked with the monthly rations Citizens were allowed to have at hand were accountable for punishments from minor to major. Sometimes only dependent on the current mood of the officer dealing at the time.

Despite this, many are still willing to risk themselves to feed their families. Camden is a dodgy region of London, but for those as desperate as some come, completely worth the travel.

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