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CANARY Posted on Oct 13 2012, 04:44 PM
She had quite a rough upbringing in England. Born into a family who never had a lot of money but who were rich in love and affection. Her father worked endlessly to ensure his family had food on the table but as an African-Caribbean man, working in the forties, they had their fair share of hardships. As a result, she learned to be strong and walk with her head held high, any form of abuse tends to just roll off her shoulders. She is a very patient girl but knows how to run her mouth and defend herself when she needs to. It was a skill she learned from her father, a patient man who worked in ammunitions factory for most of his life. He knew how to handle weapons and from even a young age she took a keen interest in his work. with the outbreak of WWII, following in his footsteps seemed like the perfect idea.

Unfortunately for Franklin, with the seizing of her country, her father got far too defensive when a German insulted his wife. Both her parents were killed on the spot, right in the streets, to teach the people of England a 'lesson.' Dalton and his rebels offered her a place of refuge at the Fox's Den where she has taken refuge after their death. In return, she has shared her knowledge with the rebels and helped them to build a reliable supply of weapons.

the ammo

He has been part of the Rebels for a long time, back when when the organisation was formed by only a small cluster of people. Haden is one of the most trusted members of the group. Having known Dalton for much of his life it's hard not to trust him with secrets. Born and raised in NYC, he is another American member of the group. However, he is a very cocky, big mouthed type of guy who thinks that a batter of his lashes could get him away with murder. The type of man that spends a lot of his time laughing but completely knuckles down and focuses whenever duty calls. Dalton personally put Haden to the job of spying on the HOUNDS. A very difficult task to achieve when they are such a secretive organisation but through years of residing in England and being pretty nifty with the accent and showing them a keen interest in their German morals he was eventually trusted enough to be accepted into the group. Unfortunately for him, it took a lot to gain their trust, including participating in many tasks that were not so great for his real morals, or for his stomach. Haden can speak three languages, English, French and German and is very good at playing pretend soldier in the HOUNDS. On a fortnightly basis he sneaks off to the Fox's Den to pass over any information he can and to provide the group, along with a good sum of his hefty HOUND wages.
the double bluff
-- haden - rebel spy - thirty-two - james franco - open

He wasn't supposed to get trapped in England. He was supposed to come visit a dying family member and then go home to America. A scholar born and bred in New England, he never touched a gun until Dalton shoved one into his arms at a meeting for the Reynard Rebels. With the passing of his relative came the fall of England, just a day before he was scheduled to return home. Even if he's tranquil and unassuming, he's still an asset to the rebels for the exact same reason: no one expects a librarian to have enough anger and rage and passion to fight against a tyrant. As it is, he collects addresses from Germans who join the library and has been reporting their names to the higher ups in the rebel groups. He is also a code breaker.
the dork
___ o'connor - intelligence - thirty-five - ryan reynolds - open

CANARY Posted on Aug 4 2012, 08:52 PM
Johnson has been working his position in the medical field for longer than most of his staff have been alive. Okay- perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but if you were to ask the man himself, it definitely feels like it. Trained in London and sent off to serve on base, Johnson has been working from base to base for roughly 18 years. Which, for someone as serious about their job as Doctor Johnson, can take a toll on you.

He's gruff and prickly at first meet, but sincerely passionate about what he does. If there's one man you want to put your injuries into the hands of, its Doctor Johnson.

the veteran
___ johnson - head doctor - thirty-eight- karl urban - open

info info info info info
the title
surname - job/rank etc - age- pb- open

info info info info info
the title
surname - job/rank etc - age- pb- open

CANARY Posted on Feb 26 2012, 02:20 AM
CANARY Posted on Feb 26 2012, 02:15 AM
Nicholi McKinley Barrett was born in Linolnshire, England on September 18th. Mum was a necessitous tailor working justly to pay off debts and feed a child. Outbreaks of battle across trade countries left transportation of goods halted, and eventually, a lack thereof.

She sent her son, then only two years old, to an Orphanage in France where she thought he should be safer. Hoping their care would suffice where her's could not. There, Nic was introduced to another younger boy, Christopher, whose quiet, reserved demeanour attracted Nicholi. He became the only person Nic would make any willing efforts of socialization towards. Growing up together, the two of them became well known trouble makers as children. Constantly up to no good and coming up with clever ideas of mischief.

Nic, being older, protected Christopher as though he were his own brother. Often taking blame for things and sticking up for him where others would tease.

Christopher, 7, and Nicholi, 11, were adopted together by a middle age couple local to Rouen. But less than a year under comfortable living circumstances, German attacks over Paris began crawling outward into Rouen. Raids brought for casualties and abductions of soldiers and children like Chrisopher and Nicholi. Both were taken in and sent into a new trial organization dubbed HOUNDS. Nicholi was trained alongside Christopher until he was sent off into England as a HOUND spy.

Nicholi was supplied the proper identifications and assigned a new cover life where he entered the RAF and worked up into the rank of a Commanding Officer of No. 66 Squadron with Commander Brennor as his first officer, and Anson, head of navigation. Captain Barrett's job as a German spy in the RAF was to redirect the attention of the British airline to ensure safe passage of German armadas over vital cities in the UK.

One event particularly in 1941 that led to the bombing of South London after a successful pre planned failure to intercept. But despite the unattachment to all but his duty, Barrett took the loss to a majority of his Squad harder that expected. Knowing most of them men lost very well, Barrett took a leave from the RAF to stay in London. Keeping his cover so that if he should decide to resume serving, he could do so without trouble.

Nicholi is a very collected man. Intelligent and intense, but not above humour or company. He's a loyal man, despite his torn emotions over his Brit blood and German upbringings. Nicholi often finds himself caught between himself and the ownership the HOUNDS have over his head. In his younger years, Barrett had become heavily addicted to various narcotics, often coming back when Nicholi becomes more susceptible to thinking the misery of how many lives he can be held accountable for. No matter how much of that passive exterior he pushes towards the outside world, Nicholi Barrett is still very much human- human and haunted.

the arcane stray
nicholi barrett - no. 66 squadron leader - thirty-four - benedict cumberbatch - taken

A title like the guide means a lot more than Milo will ever be given the recognition for. Not only known for his skills in pilot navigation, tactical theory and overall dependency, this man is someone you’d be safe to place your life in the hands of.

Milo Anson nurses the hardships of leaving a family in England to pursue the protection of his country and home. Two young daughters and a wife await him back home.

Loyalty runs deep in Anson’s blood. His country, his family, his Squad... there isn’t anything Milo wouldn’t do for someone. Especially a sir Commander Brennor and Captain Barrett who Milo has become very close. He’s the glue of the lot- extremely protective and by definition, a natural guide. often going through extremes to keep his Squad out of trouble, and covering where needed, even over his own qualms of the situation.

Though Anson often finds himself hitting heads with Captain Barrett, there’s always a mutual respect between them. And often, Milo has a way of persuasion in any situation- calming nerves and negotiating tacts. He’s the heart and wisdom of the RAF.

the guide
milo anson - pilot - thirty-six - tom hiddleston - taken

School was never a challenge for the young George Brennor. In fact, that had perhaps become his biggest downfall- boredom was frequent, and the lack of challenge left his outgoing, adventurous tendencies to lose attention for school.

George’s father was a British RAF fighter pilot killed in battle when George was only a boy. Lighting that same interest for a young Brennor. When he had become old enough to enlist, Brennor met a fellow trainee, Milo Anson, at camp during a training seminar.

They stuck together for much of their time training and both finished top of their division to begin serving alongside one another in Squad No.66, stationed just outside of London. The two have a very platonic, brotherly relationship that extends far passed the normal fields of squad teamwork.

Brennor, now standing as Captain Barrett's first officer at age 32, and is commonly very quick to take action, but on fault, easy to act on sudden impulses, no matter how risky. Which, on many occasions has led to his fair share of referrals Anson has gone to the effort of covering up despite the irritation of George's arrogance.He will always be fiercely loyal to both Anson and Barrett. His squad is, in many ways, his family.

the lost boy
george brennor - pilot/first officer - thirty-two - JOHN BARROWMAN - open

CANARY Posted on Feb 26 2012, 02:15 AM
General Bishop is a very powerful man. Perhaps not in the sense of kingship, but being the General of much of the German army. Which, of course means, that Bishop has a lot on his shoulders.

General Bishop is the father of Loretta Bishop, who he has placed as General of the underground organization. He being one of the few people to know Kragen's true gender identity. But with the secrecy of thee organization, Bishop feels confident in the safety of his daughter and moral of the Germans.

the general
ivan bishop - german general - forty-eight - jean dujardin - open

Luther was born into the Government. With a father in the ministry of communications, Luther was expected, at a very young age, to uphold a position in the British government. He was taught proper as a boy, and looked upon to a high standard. Often adding a stressful pressure to the boy's shoulders.

But he was loyal to the honour of his father's job. Enjoying the praise of his family name. Just when Luther was ready to take role, the declaration of War against Germany hit the panic button in the government. Later, with the undeniable losses in both England and an allying France, Luther's integrity seemed to carry him stronger than many of the other officials.

The government was quickly being pulled down, and more and more positions were being abandoned for the selfish sake of self preservation. Even the disappearance of their own Prime Minister. With weakness very apparent throughout the country, Luther saw it as his chance to bring stability back into the system. He took hold of the broken threads they had left frayed and strung them together with what little hope they had together.

With what words of faith and encouragement those left in control had left between them, Luther fights to bring back their Country- not willing to back down even in the term of death. He's a strong, determined man willing to do do anything to push Germany out of England and restore the rights of his people. Just how much faith the citizens will grant him only time will tell for sure.

the last
eugene luther II - minister of communications - thirty-six - adrian brody - open

Loretta May Bishop. Daughter to the great General Ivan Bishop, head of a commanding army currently invading the English Isles. Kragen is quick, ambitious, and straight forward; Dad's princess and thereby elected General of the German operation HOUND, Loretta is the woman behind the name. She's known outside of the German Government as nothing else. No face, no gender, no identity. Just the force and threat of the rank itself.

As a hidden operation, the HOUNDS and their associates are kept off a personal level of conduct. And Loretta being a woman, has become merely a word on the breaths of the government. "Kragen is in charge".

She's daddy's spoilt ringmaster. The final word. The one with the plan and the brilliant head no one has the courage to push from the throne. With the information she supplies the German Government, Kragen has made herself a useful component to the German success rate in London.

loretta bishop - HOUND general - twenty-six - evan rachel wood - open

CANARY Posted on Feb 26 2012, 01:36 AM
info info info info info
the title
surname - job/rank etc - age- pb- open

Foller has always been the Big brother in his family of three siblings. Below father, he's been the man of the house since the day he could work a horse. Growing up in the fields of England, Foller's parents owned a small ranch. Working fields and raising livestock for the markets; a comfortable life for such times. The Follers were fortunate.

Horror struck when the eldest Foller was only fifteen years old- A dark green tented vehicle loaded with a German patrol forced entry into their home and took what food and resources they had. Ruthless in what they took and what they broke, their father became enraged and was shot for speaking out. Shock caused the rest of the family to panic- inevitably guiding the next shots their direction. The older Foller boy took his younger brother in a haste and hid them while each German patrol man was distracted.

But never once did he regret the sisters and mother he could not save- now left with only his younger brother, Foller clung to the boy with an unbreakable sort of protection. Both developing a close bond neither could imagine life without. In later years, both agreed to enlist in the brit army together in hopes that a peace would be brought over the slaughter of their family. Though the older is still extremely protective of his little brother, he often takes much of the duties of his sibling to keep him out of harm's way. If one did not know him better, they'd likely consider him to be a very brash man. Blunt, scathing, but overall a very dedicated worker.

the eldest
___ foller - english soldier - twenty-five- jensen ackles - open

Foller the younger is the youngest boy in the family, and second oldest to two sisters. It has always been a trend to look up to his older brother, both in envy and jealousy, but never hate. Both had a very equal relationship- kind to one another despite the occasional bicker or tease. But that was just a part of being brothers. The five year age difference left them with a lot less in common, but nonetheless, best friends as any other.

Of the incident with their parent's and both sister's deaths, the younger began experiencing bouts of trauma in the care of his older brother. Nightmares each night and anxiety attacks during their travels. Heightening his brother's sense of defense over him. He guarded him with his life, often sheltering the younger boy from a lot of the world. Not allowing him to take jobs to help out with money, and making sure he was kept out of harm at all times. Which, evidently, caused the younger Foller to become restless.

He was just as adventurous and curiosity driven as the older Foller. Often sneaking away when the other was not paying close enough attention, and eventually learning more and more ways to fool the other for periods of time. But, of course, knowing his brother inside and out, the older would almost always figure it out one way or another.

When calls for Soldiers came around, both the Foller boys jumped on the idea to stand up against the men who had taken their family. Enlisting in the British army against Germany and by luck, being stationed together. The younger Foller is an energetic, daring man with a knack for quick thinking and planning. Often coming up with tactics their Commanders actually take into consideration ( even when they act as though they felt it were laughable ). Which often leads to frustrations when his older brother insists on taking his work loads. The smothering get to him quicker than he can remember the good intentions behind them, making their relationship rocky at times, but in the end, both always seem to pull together. His older brother will always be his first man.

the younger
anthony foller - english soldier - twenty - sebastian stan - taken

CANARY Posted on Feb 26 2012, 01:23 AM
Finn was born into a well to do family,. They had anything any average citizen could hope for and more. Food on the table, health, prestige, power and most importantly, education. He was tutored at a private school on the outskirts of London and smothered in love and affection by his parents. They fulfilled every wish and desire that left his lips and of coruse their need to please him warped the young man into a spoiled, vain and selfish boy. He lifted not a finger throughout his life that was spent being mollycoddled and cared for. Naturally, he didn't have much of a backbone growing up. He never needed one and so when WWII broke out, he didn't have any passion or desire to fight for his country. Why should 'he' risk 'his' life? Besides, the very idea of war terrified him more than he could imagine. When the young men his own age began to enlist and leave England behind with a pride and courage...he shied away.

Finn was able to evade British demands for young men to be taken out to war. His family hid him till the coast was deemed clear and he could continue his life as a Citizen on London.

the coward
finn ____ - civilian - twenty-three- FRANCOIS ARNAUD - open

info info info info info
the title
surname - job/rank etc - age- pb- open

Miss Wells has made herself quite a name within the past few years. Young, intelligent, and unmistakably ambitious in making a difference for how she believes this world should be.

Quiet. She’s been called- foster to three sisters on the hard ends of London, yet making ends meet and managing hope rallies with words of the war’s end always just hidden behind her smile. Miss Wells is a visionary. Very different from her home self as a too-soon mother.

You wouldn’t know how many people look down upon her from a single glance. She wears her confidence like a dress. Sleek, witty and independent. If it’s a difference she’s out to make, there’s not likely anyone who’s going to change her mind.

the visionary
____ wells - fervent activist - twenty-four - zoe saldana - open

CANARY Posted on Feb 26 2012, 01:06 AM
the hounds
info info info info info info info info
the brainwashed
Vitelli - hound soldier - AGE - PB - open

info info info info info
the title
surname - job/rank etc - age- pb- open

info info info info info
the title
surname - job/rank etc - age- pb- open

CANARY Posted on Feb 25 2012, 01:29 AM
the canons
To reserve a canon, use the code provided below to reply to this thread. You have three days to complete your application before your reserve is taken off the list. Things do get busy, though, so if you need an extension with a good reason, then feel free to talk to an admin.

This is a competition based canon list. Meaning, we are allowing up to three people to try out for each canon at one time. This means three different people can post applications at the same time for a certain canon. Admins will decide who portrays the canon better, and that application will be accepted. Don't be discouraged if someone is already trying out! Your interpretation may be different than theirs, and we may like it better. We are asking one canon per member, unless stated otherwise. A lot of these are important characters, so we ask that you only take one if you're sure you can keep up with/plan on keeping them!

reserves would go here.

[*] char title • ooc name • until date here <br>